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Chicken Wings

Served with celery & carrot stick & blue cheese sauce

Garlic Bread


Chicken Fingers

With honey mustard or plum sauce

Onion Rings

Kalamaria (Appetizer)

With tzatziki

Bacon Scallop Wrap

Cheese Bread

With plum sauce

Pan Fried Mushrooms

Deep Fried Zucchini

With ranch sauce

Salt Pepper Ribs

With plum sauce

Potato or Zucchini Supreme

Baked with cheese, green onion and bacon bits served with sour cream

Yam Fries

Tzatziki with 2 pieces Pita

Meat Balls

4 in a cup

Roasted Potato

With Tzatziki 8 Pieces

Homous with 2 pieces Pita

Dipping Sauce

Pita Bread

Halibut Bites

Spanako Pita

Spinach pie with Tzatziki